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Welcome to the Southern Right Whale Consortium

Welcome to the Southern Right Whale Consortium, an international collaboration with the ultimate goal to improve our understanding and conservation management of the southern right whale across the globe!


Animation courtesy of Lucas Oliveira, Instituto Aqualie.

The animation shows the tracks of southern right whales which were tagged on the different calving grounds in the past years. The tags were deployed to investigate, in detail, the migration and feeding behaviour of southern right whales. Research of this kind is of paramount importance when considering the drastic changes that have been observed in southern right whale migration, reproduction, and body condition in the last 10 years. These changes are likely explained by reduced prey availability in the Southern Ocean due to climate change. Satellite tags like these provide us with information for up to 1 year. 

These data are for public outreach purposes only and are not for use in science and management. Please contact us if you are interested in using these data.